Welcome to MIMOR,

Your convenient, central, online hub for information and alerts about your building. Moving in and out procedures, booking common areas and facilities, general announcements, SMS alerts, noticeboards – everything you need to know to make living or working in strata title stress-free.

Receive alerts via email, SMS or by logging into the hub - do not be inconvenienced again – stay informed. Access the hub 24/7.

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That’s right,

I received an SMS, an email and the message was posted to the online noticeboard. Everyone communicating together limiting any confusion.

The MIMOR online platform has a proven record of success with over 200 buildings currently using the system to create harmonious communities. Easy to register, easy to access and easy to use – MIMOR is a modern, convenient solution for building communications.

"I'm a strata manager and love using MIMOR! I can't go back to printing, laminating and posting notices which can now be sent in a matter of minutes through MIMOR. Highly recommend this as a low-cost solution for strata buildings."

 Tony - Owners Corporation Manager

MIMOR is not only convenient for tenants but also owners, building managers, owners corporation managers, real estate agents and service suppliers. All communicating together through the one portal. Now that is clever.

"As Owners Corporation managers we have been using MIMOR for many years across our portfolio. The system is extremely easy to navigate, and the setup of a new building is smooth and intuitive.

Owners, residents, and property managers find it extremely useful having a centralised information portal to reference anytime, anywhere. The system has made life easier with all building information stored in one location and accessible remotely."

 Bryan – Owners Corporation Manager


Move-in Move-out register

Taking the stress away from move in and move outs

Building Information

Everything you need to know about your building in one place


Easy to use booking system for common areas.

Email/SMS Communications

Keeping everyone informed in real time.


Access the Noticeboard 24/7 to see what is happening in your building


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“MIMOR has revolutionised the handover of medium to high density projects at the point of handover and beyond. The chaotic last weeks of finishing a development, clients settling and residents finally moving in, used to be a logistical nightmare, but with MIMOR, the process is simplified. We will never handover a building again unless the MIMOR system is implemented.

Through MIMOR, all settlements are scheduled as are move in’s ensuring that every resident has all the information required including having exclusive use of the move in facilities.

Owners Corporation could contact residents to advise of any important issues that are forthcoming within the building. There is no need to post notices on a noticeboard, lifts etc.

MIMOR brings the property industry requirements of managing medium and high-density housing into the 21st century.”

Harry – Property Developer