Privacy Policy

  1. Welcome to MIMOR. MIMOR provides an online destination for residents of particular buildings to access building information, moving procedures and other building related material (MIMOR Platform).  We are committed to making access to such building information easier and smoother for you.
  2. We also understand that your personal information is confidential and sensitive and as such, we are committed to the protection of your privacy. We respect the rights and privacy of all individuals using the MIMOR Platform and we acknowledge the Australian privacy law framework, including the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.
  3. The following privacy policy will demonstrate how we protect your personal information and the choices you have about how it is used. We urge you to read this privacy policy so you will understand your choices and our commitment to protecting your privacy.

What is personal information?

  1. “Personal information” means information or an opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable from the information or opinion.
  2. The personal Information that we may collect includes but is not limited to:
  • ‘contact information’, such as your name, phone numbers, address details, and email address; and
  • your age, date of birth, gender and car registration.

How does MIMOR collect personal information

  1. We collect personal information from you as part of the registration process on the MIMOR Platform.
  2. MIMOR may also collect your personal information via its social media pages, smart phone applications, phone calls, emails and at or via other promotional displays or campaigns (Collection Channels).
  3. Most of the personal information collected via our Collection Channels is stored on MIMOR’s database

Why does MIMOR collect personal information?

  1. MIMOR generally collects personal information in order to provide an easy to use platform so that residents can access the correct building information, moving procedures and other building related material. We also collect personal information to inform you about the MIMOR Platform and provide you with information that is relevant to your building.
  2. MIMOR must also collect personal information to comply with its various contractual and other legal obligations, in order to run marketing activities, respond to your enquiries, generally administer the MIMOR Platform and provide you with information about other products and services that may be of interest to you.

How we use personal information

  1. We may use your personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected, i.e. to provide you with access to, and to enable you to use, the MIMOR Platform. We may also use your personal information for purposes related reasonably related to this primary purpose which may include but is not limited to:
  • providing you with information about the building in which you reside;
  • providing you with information about MIMOR;
  • administering MIMOR’s relationship with you;
  • monitoring online activity on the MIMOR Platform and/or any other of its application(s);
  • marketing, improving and adding to the MIMOR Platform and other MIMOR services and offerings; and
  • purposes required or authorised by law.

12. MIMOR may also provide personal information:

  • to third parties with whom MIMOR contracts in order to provide the MIMOR Platform; and
  • to third parties authorised by you to receive personal information held by us.

Will you receive direct marketing?

13. If you provide us with your personal information and you consent to receiving direct marketing communications from MIMOR and/or third parties, you authorise us to potentially send you promotional messages and materials related to MIMOR’s products and services (and if applicable, third parties’ products and services).

14. MIMOR’s direct marketing messages and materials will contain a prominent statement (including, for electronic messages, a functional unsubscribe facility) that you may request not to receive direct marketing communications.

15. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing or other communications from us, please opt out using the unsubscribe facility provided in the most recent direct marketing communication from us or contact us on the details provided within this privacy policy.

Will your information be disclosed overseas?

16. MIMOR is unlikely to disclose your personal information to any person or entity outside Australia, but will inform you if and when this is necessary.

Does MIMOR use “cookies”?

17. When you use the MIMOR platform and any related MIMOR websites, MIMOR or its IT service providers may obtain information using technologies such as cookies, tags, web beacons, and navigational data collection (log files, server logs, and clickstream data). For example, MIMOR or its IT service providers may collect information like the date, time and duration of visits and which webpages are accessed.

18. This information is generally not linked to your identity, except where it is accessed via links in a MIMOR e-message or where you have identified yourself.

Storage of personal information

19. We recognise that personal privacy is of the utmost importance in this day and age and therefore we aim to keep your personal information both safe and secure at all times.

How to correct and access personal information

20. If you provided us with your personal information, you can update that personal information by contacting us in accordance with paragraph 24 below. We will update the personal information that we hold about you in accordance with any request or updated details that you provide to us.

21. You are entitled to access the personal information that we hold about you. You can request access to the personal information by contacting us in accordance with clause 24 below.

22. Please note there may be some legal or administrative reasons to deny access. If we refuse your request to access your personal information, we will provide you with the reasons for the refusal. For example, the privacy laws set out some circumstances in which MIMOR would not be required to provide you with such access.  If you ask for your personal information and any of these circumstances exist, we will advise you of these matters and you may be given access to the personal information in a way that is permitted under the Privacy Act 1988.

Who to contact at MIMOR about privacy matters

23. If you would like to access the personal information that we hold about you, have a complaint or would like further information about this privacy policy, you can contact us by email at: We encourage you to provide updates to MIMOR with respect to your personal information so that MIMOR has accurate, current and complete information.

24. We will investigate your queries and provide you with a response within a reasonable period of time.

25. To protect personal information held by MIMOR, you may need to confirm your identity before access to your personal information is granted. It may take a little time to process your application for access and retrieve information from storage (if applicable).

26. If you have any queries in relation to this privacy policy you should contact us at