Move-in, move-out

A seamless move-in and out experience.

An innovative online booking system for seamless move-ins & outs.

Moving in or out of a building can be complicated, but planning, communicating and registering it all help make the move hassle-free. Our automated booking system ensures those involved in move-ins, such as building managers, cleaners, real estate agents, and owners corporations, are informed well in advance, so lifts, doors, walls and resident security are protected before the move occurs.

Our booking system is perfect for coordinating the occupation of new buildings after completion, managing ad hoc tenant move-ins and departures, protecting common areas from damage, and minimising client disruption.

Book your move

Login to your building and book your move through MIMOR.

If required, make a lift booking for the day and time of your move.

Login to Mimor

Get a confirmation email

Everyone who needs to be alerted about the booking will automatically receive an email, such as:

  • Cleaners (to erect lift blankets if required)
  • Building Manager
  • Owners Corporation Manager

Timeslots allocation for moving can be managed by the owners corporation manager, building manager or strata committee.

Moving Guidelines

Read the moving guidelines for the building for any other important information you need. Happy moving!

moving guidline


Change Moving Details

If you need to change the time or day of your move, just log back into MIMOR and choose a new time or date. It is that easy!

Building Information

Click the link to Building Information to see all information covered for your move including, lift dimensions (maybe that couch you were planning to bring does not fit into the lift), basement height to bring in a moving truck or electricity connection. Everything you need to know for a smooth move is available at your fingertips.



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“The move-in, move-out booking feature ensures moves are easily managed and arranged. This makes our work so much easier"

Tom – Owners Corporation Manager