Smartphone Access Control

No more fobs, keys, remote controls or access passes.

Smartphone technology for keyless access

Click to Access (C2A) allows for remote management of building entry, simplifying security administration and permissions, and delivering secure access control.

C2A is safer, more secure, and simpler to manage than traditional key adminstration. The feature can be added to entry points, including individual apartment and building front doors, garage doors and other entry and exit points without modification to the existing security system.

C2A is perfect for buildings with short-stay apartments; there’s no need for a physical key hand-over or multiple unsightly and insecure key safes on the outside of buildings. It can also be applied to create digital key safes that can be accessed without codes. This allows trades to access keys more securely.

Advantages of smartphone access

  • Residents can book shared facilities on MIMOR and gain keyless access via mobile phone, which activates at their booking time.
  • C2A can be applied to a digital key safe so trades can access keys without the security issues that are associated with codes.
  • For buildings with short-stay apartments, guests are provided secure keyless access, activated remotely at check-in time, and deactivated on check-out.
  • Grant access remotely to front doors, plant & equipment rooms, garages etc.
  • Security risks are eliminated by remotely controlling and logging who enters, what time they can enter, and through which entry point.


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