Welcome to the New MIMOR


The team at MIMOR are so excited to introduce you to:

  • our new brand
  • our new website
  • our larger team

We listened to Owners Corporations and residents were saying and have met their needs by creating a sophisticated online communication portal.

What MIMOR offers you:

  • Real-time SMS and email messages from Owners Corporations to residents and owners
  • Comprehensive building information – all in one spot
  • An up-to-date building notice board – keeping you informed
  • Central booking system for move-ins and move-outs
  • Ability to book common areas
  • Access to information 24/7

At MIMOR we believe communication is central to creating communities where people live harmoniously. We offer the most cost-effective solution currently available in the market. And it can be implemented now! No waiting for complicated set-ups. Simple, easy-to-use and intuitive.

Contact us today and discover how MIMOR is already successfully operating in over 200 strata title buildings.

I had the experience of moving in and out of two different apartments in less than 12 months. This wasn’t the ideal situation but was just one of those things and I am really happy in my final home.

My first move seemed to be going smoothly, in my mind. I had packed up all my things securely, placed dust covers over my furniture to help protect them during the move and booked the removal company who charged from the time of pick up to the completed removal at the destination.  My new apartment was on the third floor, but I knew there was a lift so not a problem moving everything into the apartment. When I visited the apartment, I had gauged the approximate size of the lift, and was confident my items would fit.

The Real Estate Agent had supplied me with the keys and gave the go ahead to move in. Well that’s where the fun stopped.

The removalists and I seamlessly packed all my belongings into the removal van and headed across town, about 45 minutes to my new home. I drove ahead so I could arrive, open the apartment, and get prepared for the arrival of the truck.

Challenge 1

When the truck arrived, we had planned to unload directly from the truck to the lift in the basement car park. But the van did not have enough clearance to drive into the car park. We had two options, walk everything down the steep entrance to the car park or unload everything into the main entrance on the ground floor of the apartment block. We decided going through the front entrance would be the most convenient option.

Challenge 2

We started unloading the truck into the foyer of the apartment block before being approached by a resident (who I soon found out was the Chairperson of the Owners Corporation), to enquire what we were doing. Had we checked with the owners corporation when move in times were allowed? Had we booked the lift? Had we informed the cleaners so they were able to install lift blankets? Had we checked the dimensions of the lift to see if furniture would fit?

Luckily, the Chairperson was able to help me and we contacted the cleaners to install the lift blankets, made sure the time was acceptable for the residents and checked the lift dimensions and the removalists started to move in.


Everything except my fridge and 3-seater lounge could be moved in (I had to sell them as they were too big to fit into the lift), the removalists cost me $400 extra due to having to wait for cleaners and getting permission to move and it was a pretty stressful experience all round.


My second move, I must admit I was probably more organised but the building I moved into used MIMOR which made the whole process easy, stress free and uncomplicated.

Step 1

I registered with MIMOR at www.mimor.com.au

Step 2

I booked my move in. I was presented with a calendar and the available move in times. Once booked I was sent a confirmation by email.

Step 3

All the information I needed to know for my move was listed on the hub, so I was able to access it anytime (just in case I forgot). Lift dimensions, garage height, and any other rules related to moving in were all available to make my move stress-free.


This experience was an exceptionally smooth transition into my new home. And without having to sell any of my furniture because it was too big to fit in the lift! The cleaners were notified of my move in time once I made my booking online so had the lift ready with blankets when I arrived. I actually ended up going under budget with the removalists because the move was so smooth so the predicted time allowed was reduced.

My MIMOR move in experience was the most stress-free and easy move I have ever had. What a great way to keep everyone in apartment living informed and happy.