Mimor’s Communication feature

In a digital age, when a laptop, mobile phone or smartwatches is always within easy reach, relying on notice boards or snail mail to communicate seems a little outdated, not to mention unreliable.

Australian entrepreneur Jake Sharp was of the same opinion when he created MIMOR, a one-stop shop to overcome strata-living sticking points. The digital platform acts as a central information and communication hub for residents, building managers, and strata managers, comprising vital building information, moving processes, procedures for managing parcels and booking common areas, and general announcements.

Central to MIMOR is a real-time communications channel, sharing alerts and reminders with residents via SMS and email. No more unsightly notices in the foyer or lift, no more worrying if messages have been read, and no more multiple calls from residents asking the same questions to the building manager.

Instead, SMS messages or emails can be instantaneously shared with hundreds of people, keeping residents updated about important news or events that can impact amenities, whether it’s lift maintenance, hard rubbish collection or a change to gym hours.

“Printing posters and sticking them around the building is an inefficient use of time and no guarantee that the information will reach everyone,” Sharp said.

“MIMOR makes communicating with owners, tenants, building managers and owner corporations easy and guarantees reach to hundreds of residents or a private message to just one person. Being able to disseminate information quickly and in a targeted manner is particularly important during a pandemic, where restrictions can change at a moment’s notice.”

MIMOR also streamlines communications regarding moving processes, with residents able to book online their preferred date and time, with the confirmation email outlining procedures for parking and use of lifts.

The MIMOR platform also hosts various building information, such as gas connections, electricity suppliers, water rates, emergency contacts and evacuation plans, and can manage parcel deliveries. The addition of the common area booking function avoids the potential for overcrowding and ensures residents can access facilities.

“Removing common friction points and maintaining clear communications is essential to creating a harmonious environment, where everyone understands and abides by the same rules,” Sharp said.

MIMOR subscriptions are scalable, from three apartments to more than 500, with the platform is currently being translated into ten languages and will soon launch as a mobile app.

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