Introducing smartphone access control

Security. Convenience.

Two words you don’t often see in the same sentence. Ask anyone who’s had to replace a key or a fob or arrange for friends and relatives to share their strata facilities.

Click to Access (C2A) is a new smartphone tool that seamlessly delivers reliable access control for common property. It manages permissions, simplifies security administration, and creates smarter, more secure buildings.

Security risks associated with traditional key administration are eliminated by controlling and logging who enters, what time they can enter, and through which entry point – all from MIMOR’s cloud-based dashboard.


There are obvious benefits for individual owners who can easily create and revoke visitor permissions using the tool. These include simplifying logistics for short-term letting but also anyone inviting family or friends to visit or providing access to cleaners.

Strata professionals, property and building managers and committees can also grant and revoke mobile credentials anytime – slashing admin times, reducing site visits, and increasing building security.

Physical keys and fobs are easily lost or copied and expensive to replace. Significant administration time is also spent arranging new keys and coding new fobs.
C2A is safer, more secure, and simpler to manage. In addition, the feature can be added to entry points, including individual apartment and building front doors, garage doors and other entry and exit points without modification to the existing security system.

C2A provides an efficient system for shared amenity spaces. Residents can book BBQ areas, tennis courts and so on via the MIMOR dashboard, gaining keyless access via their mobile phone, which activates at their booking time. Access is therefore restricted to only those booked. The system keeps a real-time log of attempted access and users.

Access for tradespeople is also simplified. C2A provides remote access control and tracks when trades enter and exit buildings – streamlining the process for strata professionals & building managers, saving the need for a site visit, and mitigating security risks around sharing codes. In addition, C2A can provide access to all required areas or front door and codeless key safe access.

For buildings with short-stay apartments, there’s no need for a physical key hand-over or multiple unsightly and insecure key safes on the outside of buildings. Instead, guests are provided a secure access link, activated remotely at check-in time, and deactivated on check-out. Owners can also install C2A on their front doors, eliminating physical keys altogether.

Entering a property using a mobile phone makes end-of-lease and move-ins seamless for tenants and property staff. Property managers can grant access remotely to front doors, garages etc., to let end-of-lease cleaners in or aid new tenant move-ins.

How it works

C2A communicates to access readers at entry points and connects mobile devices to verify credentials. Access to a building is granted via the MIMOR’s dashboard, and an SMS or email link is used to gain access once within proximity to the access control reader.

Mobile access control is also touchless since users can open doors without touching surfaces.

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