Common Property
& Shared Facilities Bookings

Want to use the BBQ area by the pool for a family gathering? Book the space on Mimor.

Convenient online access to reserve shared facilities.

MIMOR’s common area booking feature allows residents to book onsite shared facilities and common areas such as BBQs, pools, EV charging stations, meeting rooms, and rooftops. The confirmation email outlines any rules that need to be complied with.

The booking feature can be tailored to ensure compliance with a maximum number of occupants and time allocations.

Step 1

Login to MIMOR

Login to your MIMOR dashboard for your building.

Choose Common Area Bookings and choose the time and date to reserve your desired facility.

Common Area Bookings
Common Area Bookings


Make your booking

You will receive a confirmation email with your booking and a link to any rules you need to know when using the facilities.

It's that easy.


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Another way we create harmonious communities.

“The ability to have a one stop shop of all the Rules, Moving Guidelines and Building Information is a game changer for myself as a Real Estate Agent and my tenants/owners. The booking system makes life so much easier for everyone involved in the apartment block. This is the future and couldn't speak more highly of MIMOR.”

Damian - Real Estate Agent