Common property reservation system

Strata apartment living brings many advantages: less maintenance, lower running costs and added security. But higher-density living can also have its downsides regarding sharing common amenities.

Anyone who has lived in an apartment complex knows only too well the disappointment of arriving at the gym or pool only to discover every other resident has had the exact same thought at the exact same time.

It’s a scenario that helped to inspire Australian entrepreneur Jake Sharp to create the MIMOR digital platform, an information and booking hub designed to overcome strata-living sticking points and create a more harmonious living environment.

MIMOR  is a one-stop shop acting as a central digital system for residents, building managers, and service providers, comprising vital building information, moving processes, parcel management procedures, general announcements and real-time communications via email and SMS alerts.

MIMOR’s common area booking feature allows residents to choose the facility and time they wish to book, with the confirmation email outlining any rules that need to be complied with.

The booking feature can even be tailored to ensure compliance with health advice, with building managers able to nominate time intervals and the maximum number of people allowed to use the facility for the allocated time. Time and number limitations can also be reset to reflect revised state or local government restrictions.

And for residents working from home and needing a quiet space and professional backdrop to impress for that important client presentation, the booking system can also be used for conference room facilities.

“Good neighbourly relations are always important, but even more so when you are living in close proximity and sharing the space with dozens or even hundreds of people,” Sharp said.

“An independent booking system provides an opportunity for all and certainty for residents and their guests, knowing they can turn up and enjoy the barbeque at their chosen time.”

MIMOR subscriptions are scalable, from three apartments to more than 500. The platform is being translated into ten languages, with a mobile app version to launch soon.

“The latest data shows almost 10 per cent of the Australian population live in strata schemes. I created MIMOR to include as many of those residents and owner corporations as possible,” Sharp said.

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